July 2nd, 2005

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CLICK HERE for icons at my journal.

Note: I am member to a lot of communities that I post this in, and I can never remember which communities that I am not supposed to post this in. A solution to this problem: BAN ME! I won't mind, and that way I will stop posting. If you don't want to ban me then just delete this post if it isn't allowed. WOOHOO!
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Hello! I come bearing a small set (eight to be exact) of icons from the fine video game Lunar: Silver Star Story (with one icon from Lunar 2: Eternal Blue stuck in there as well). Blast from the past, I know, but I am all about the nostalgia. (Video games are fandoms too... right?)


02. 08.

Link to the post in my icon journal

Enjoy! ^^
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