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10 December 2004 @ 05:56 am
Hi, I'm new on this community. I'm quite an obsessive icon maker. My main fandoms are BtVS, Angel, CSI and Harry Potter.

Here's some of my icons for you. n_n ...it seems that I love the overlay effect a little too much. XD

my icon journal is spilledblood
All the usual stuff; comments are fun, credit is necessary.
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Gemma with a G
10 December 2004 @ 11:19 am
yep, got some more crappy ones to chuck in.
1. 2.
thought i'd chuck in a background i made for the sake of it. click thumbnail for larger version.

don't steal. comment, credit, comment, comment.
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10 December 2004 @ 10:55 pm
I couldn't help myself. Consider this a plug for the best movie of the year.

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