December 3rd, 2004

freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

pumpkin pie! (part 1, i think)

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hey guys! this batch is completely filled with pumpkin pie, especially made for my shipmates. because there's been a serious lack of h/hr icons lately and i was going into withdrawal ^^;;;

i tried several different styles with these icons... most of them ended up being crappy. blah. however, there are a couple of them that ended up being great! *kidnaps #8 so nobody can take it away from her* much love to the people of HOAF for the lovely caps. will continue to use them.

however, i'm sad :( because i seem to have broken my promise not to cut ron off a pic just to make it h/hr. to my credit, in most of these pics ron is either looking weird, looking somewhere else, or just not there (see #13-- where IS ron???). to make up for it i'll make some r/hr and lots of ron icons as soon as i'm done with the pumpkins. i still have another batch of h/hr to go-- soon, after my finals are done.

anyway, enjoy!

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