November 24th, 2004

freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

2 styles (harry potter & PoA)

see, i told you what i needed was new pics ^_^

for this batch of icons you can thank anezecria & calikalie and their lovely, LOVELY website (heaven for pumpkin-piers, i tell you) because of their gorgeous, GORGEOUS caps (proof that they're great is that even non-hhr-shippers delve into the hhr website to get them!). i've been wanting to do these icons of hermione waving harry goodbye since FOREVER. thank you, OH thank you.

now, there are two styles in this batch. first, dark & brushy is back. not as brushy as before, but i like it more than the older ones anyway. and the other style is bright and strong-colored. what a difference, eh?

also, i'm experimenting with .pngs so that's what most of these are. you'll see that a few are .jpgs, and that's because... i kept forgetting to save them as .pngs ^^;;; you guys tell me if the quality is any better, so i can make the final veredict.

here you go.

credits/resources here.


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5_ 18_
( watch out! organized icons ahead! )

i'll probably do more icons with the new caps soon. got to make use of the lovely time-turner scenes ^.^ yum, pumpkiny goodness...
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