August 15th, 2004

paul: this is a wasteland now

more icons kiddos! x-posted btvs_requests and btvs_ats_fans

that's right, even more icons. this time, celebrating willow!
here they are:

two of vampy-will from dopplegangland:
1. 2.

three from lover's walk:
3. 4. 5.

and an angelus one (cuz i said i would) and a drusilla one:
6. 7.

by now you should know the drill (comment & credit), comments are always welcome, as is praise/criticsm and anything else. i am still taking requests for icons. if you want something done, comment, give me a week (unless it is retouching an already made icon of mine), because i am a busy girl and as you know i like making many copies of one icon for feel.

more icons soon, hopefully from ATS...
xoxo, hollyesque
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