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+ everyone i've been, everywhere i am +
well, i got really bored last night, and decided to work on those xander icons. so here they are:

three from the pack with alternates:

2. 3.
(i dont know why i put "dangerously xander, but i like that line!)

3. 4.

and one from homecoming with alternate:
5. 6.

and a blue alternate of the spike icon i posted a while ago added for good measure:

you know the drill (comment & credit), and praise is always welcome, as are icon requests, or if you want one of these bases or an icon redone to say something else. i like making icons.

more to come in a while, probably angel.
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+ everyone i've been, everywhere i am +
14 August 2004 @ 07:49 pm
pretty soon i'm going to start posting my icons exclusively in btvs_ats_fans so hopefully we can get more members. but before i go, i am taking icon requests. anything you like.

also a shoutout to truest_slayers. come and see if you are trusted or dusted and if you've got what it takes to make the cut. i'm hoping i will.

more icons soon of angel.