August 13th, 2004

paul: this is a wasteland now

i made buffy/angel icons! w00t! x-posted to btvs_requests

so i still can't find a picture for willow/xander, but i made other icons. so here they are. tell me what ya think, and if you want one you know the drill - comment & credit. i especially like how the vindicated one turned out.

three of james:
1. 2. 3.

and one of david (i thought the pic was very angelus-esque):

i'm trying to think where i got all of those pictures. they were really nicely done. anyway, more to come when i am not so lazy.

xoxo, hollyesque.
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hey ive been looking around over the past while and im kinda new here and was wondering if i could request something?
I'm looking for Willow icons.
I'm kinda agreeing with hornybunny on this front and am looking for not only Willow but Oz and i dont really mind what goes on within the icon as long as it shows them.
i also dont mind what images are used but if hornybunny doesnt mind then the ones that she posted in her journal are cool.

thank you