February 24th, 2004


Requests an' Stuffs

Yo. :3

I was thinking about (I can't remember the episode in SG) the joke Tilk told the crew while they were researching something on the net. Hehehe, now I remember. It was that episode where they find out that Seth/Set/Setish was actually on Earth.

Tilk's joke went something like this: A Snakehead, a Jacklehead, and a (whatever Set's animal was), meet on a natural planet. The other animals make impressive sounds, or something. But the SetAnimal-head-dude’s nose drips.Which causes Tilk to do a very rare thing: He Suddenly bursts out with loud, joyous laughter. Leaving Daniel, Jack, and Carter, very confused. I find that scene so funny, and It even cheers me up to think about it... I’m easily amused. :/

Anyway, is it possible for someone to make an icon of that scene? It sounds hard, so I won’t be mad or anything if people refuse.

Secondly, can anyone direct me to a website that shows all the symbols that appear on the Star Gate’s ring? I can’t seem to find them all.

I love this community, G’night. :]

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