February 9th, 2004

Fun - Kitty Claudia

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The Boondock Saints icons.

Rules + Notes:

  • Comments would be great.

  • Please Credit to clauw or iconorageous (We're both on LJ and GJ) in your keywords. (If you can't do that don't bother taking my icons. And yes I do check.)

  • Don't direct-link, save to your own server space.

  • I don't do requests or altering.

  • And do not take my own user pictures.

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Some icons from Buffy 1x02 "The Harvest"
Mostly animated!


MORE HERE EDIT: Fixed the link!

check out my open posting community for buffy icons: _buffyisiconic JOIN!!! Anyone can post their icons!!!! It is for buffy and angel (the series) related icons!!!! JOIN!! PIMP IT!!!

(if i'm not supposed to advertise communities even in an icon post, please just delete the last part from my post, thanks!)