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behold, I am your digital ruler
08 February 2004 @ 02:38 pm
Lost in Translation and Children of Dune.

08 February 2004 @ 07:47 pm
I have made a ton. I have Farscape, Buffy, and a couple Harry Potter. I'll post them all by fandom so you don't have to wade through them all.

Standard rules. Take, comment, credit, be happy.


look here!Collapse )
08 February 2004 @ 07:49 pm
And now the Buffy ones...

(Take, credit, comment.)


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08 February 2004 @ 07:54 pm
And HP. I'm stopping now, I swear.

(And standard disclaimer. See other posts.)


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08 February 2004 @ 10:54 pm
Ok, i dont know if you will be able to help me, but anyway.

I want to take screencaps of a DVD to make some icons. First of all i used my screen capture program, and all it came out with was a black screen, so i used the basic windows "print screen" and then poste into paint technique, and i still get a blank screen. I dont have a digital camera or a scanner, is there a way of taking a screen cap of a DVD on my PC? Because i have tried different DVD programs and stuff, and nothing works. Please help!
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