January 27th, 2004

Newbie Alert

Hello, I a newbie to Live Journal but have been looking at fandom icons for a while now.

You all have some brilliant work and I don't know whether to post mine or not, but I'm gonna. Here goes nothing.




If you'd like to use them, can't see how but if you do, you can.
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well isn't that something.

(no subject)

'Ello all, vaguely new here...
Since I can't actually make my own damn icons, would anyone be willing to make an icon of Draco with like, "My fandom's dad will kick your fandom's arse".
'Cause...Draco's always going on about 'my father' this and 'my father' bloody that. May as well make his very sexy self useful, no? Lucius, I mean.
Umm. Yes. Lookatmeramble...
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