January 20th, 2004


Owner Post!

Quick update! Damn! Looks like this little comm is not so little anymore! She has grown to 99 members and 117 watchers! Go us!!

If anyone would like to be added as a member just drop a comment and I’ll add you right away!

Also does anyone have any Interests that could be added to this comm? Also drop a comment!!

Happy iconing!
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I am a HUGE Frank Sinatra fan and i wuld rly like a new icons wif him in it. It wuld be rly cool if sum1 could make me an icon that flashes/fades mayb of different sinatra picz...u culd even write words wif the pics if you like. Watever u think wuld look better. I will credit you if you cna make me one. Thanx so much for taking time to read this...and even more if you can help.
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