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multifandom icons:
x25 for monthlyinspo HERE
[subjects]x1 The Borgias
x2 The Chronicles of Narnia
x1 Gabriella Wilde
x1 Hayley Atwell
x1 The Huntsman: Winter's War
x1 Jane Eyre
x1 Karen Elson
x1 Keri Russell
x1 Kirsten Dunst
x1 Lily Donaldson
x1 Lupita Nyong'o
x2 Mary Poppins Returns
x1 Natalie Portman
x2 Once Upon A Time
x1 Poldark
x1 Scarlett Johansson
x3 Stock
x2 Twin Peaks
x1 Vikings

x13 last icons of the year HERE
[subjects]x1 Cinderella
x1 The Duchess
x1 Evan Rachel Wood
x3 Fantastic Beasts
x1 Kaya Scodelario
x1 Keira Knightley
x1 Léa Seydoux
x2 Wonder Woman
x2 Wuthering Heights

photoshoot - KK
Tags: actress: evan rachel wood, actress: gabriella wilde, actress: hayley atwell, actress: kaya scodelario, actress: keira knightley, actress: keri russell, actress: kirsten dunst, actress: lea seydoux, actress: lupita nyong'o, actress: natalie portman, actress: scarlett johansson, actresses, movie: chronicles of narnia, movie: cinderella (2015), movie: fantastic beasts and where to fin, movie: jane eyre, movie: mary poppins returns, movie: the duchess, movie: the huntsman: winter's war, movie: wonder woman, movie: wuthering heights, tv: once upon a time, tv: poldark, tv: the borgias, tv: twin peaks, tv: vikings

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