Dorota (xafirah) wrote in _fandom_icons_,

35 multifandom icons

fandoms: a series of unfortunate events, black mirror, doctor who, guardians of the galaxy, handmaid's tale, in the flesh, iron fist, mass effect, scream queens, star trek: the next generation, star wars, taboo, the walking dead, x-men

HERE @cato_neimoidia
Tags: actors, actresses, comics: marvel, movie: guardians of the galaxy, movie: star wars, movie: x-men, movie: x-men: apocalypse, multi-fandom, music, tv: black mirror, tv: doctor who, tv: handmaid's tale, tv: iron fist, tv: scream queens, tv: star trek, tv: star trek the next generation, tv: taboo, tv: the it crowd, tv: the walking dead, video games

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