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Lady Turner

51 icons

7 Fav - Cate the7days - Lizzy stocking up - penny dreadful
1 eleanor tomlinson
1 fan bingbing
1 gal gadot
1 cate blanchett
1 keira knightley
2 eva green
1 aurora
3 orlando bloom
2 suicide squad
1 batman v superman
1 her
4 ex machina
3 moonrise kingdom
1 the martian
1 stoker
1 fantasia
1 dracula
1 transcendence
6 the other boleyn girl
1 alice in wonderland
1 pirates of the caribbean
1 pride and prejudice
1 the hobbit
1 the lord of the rings
1 vikings
3 poldark
4 penny dreadful
1 death comes to pemberley
1 downton abbey
1 outlander
1 agent carter
1 daredevil

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Tags: actors, actresses, movie: alice in wonderland, movie: batman v superman, movie: bram stoker's dracula, movie: ex machina, movie: fantasia, movie: her, movie: lord of the rings, movie: moonrise kingdom, movie: pirates of the caribbean, movie: pride and prejudice, movie: stoker, movie: suicide squad, movie: the hobbit, movie: the martian, movie: the other boleyn girl, movie: transcendence, tv: agent carter, tv: daredevil, tv: death comes to pemberley, tv: outlander, tv: penny dreadful, tv: poldark, tv: vikings

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