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56 Multi-Fandom Icons

Black Swan [3], Castle [14], Cinderella (2015) [2], Disney (Frozen, The Lion King, Tarzan) [5], Doctor Who [7], Game of Thrones [4], Harry Potter [1], The Huntsman: Winter’s War [2], Maleficent [3], North and South [1], Once Upon a Time [3], Outlander [3], Pirates of the Caribbean [2], Snow White and the Huntsman [2], Spooks [1], The Tudors [1], The Young Victoria [1]

the rest here at split_loyalties
Tags: movie: black swan, movie: cinderella (2015), movie: disney, movie: frozen, movie: harry potter, movie: maleficent, movie: pirates of the caribbean, movie: snow white and the huntsman, movie: tarzan, movie: the huntsman: winter's war, movie: the lion king, movie: the young victoria, tv: castle, tv: doctor who, tv: game of thrones, tv: north and south, tv: once upon a time, tv: outlander, tv: spooks/mi-5, tv: the tudors

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