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65 icons

Films: Pride & Prejudice [1], The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [1], Jane Eyre [3], Bright Star [1]
Testament of Youth [3], The Secret World of Arrietty [3], From Up on Poppy Hill [2]
Television: The Hollow Crown [3], Marco Polo [23], Doctor Who [3]
Vikings [3], Sense8 [2], Game of Thrones [1], In The Flesh [1], Lost [3]
Hannibal [1], AHS Hotel [1], The Musketeers [4], Once Upon a Time [5]

Everything's here at wintcrfell
Tags: movie: arrietty, movie: bright star, movie: from up on poppy hill, movie: jane eyre, movie: pride and prejudice, movie: testament of youth, movie: the girl with the dragon tattoo, tv: american horror story, tv: doctor who, tv: game of thrones, tv: hannibal, tv: in the flesh, tv: lost, tv: marco polo, tv: once upon a time, tv: sense8, tv: the hollow crown, tv: the musketeers, tv: vikings

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