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sometimes, red riding hood will eat the wolf.

25 multifandom icons

25 icons; black sails, daredevil, jupiter ascending, justified, revolution, star crossed, the 100 and izombie

see them all here at blanksquares
Tags: movie: jupiter ascending, tv: black sails, tv: daredevil, tv: izombie, tv: justified, tv: revolution, tv: star crossed, tv: the 100

  • 24 Daredevil icons

    Daredevil: 13 Matt Murdock (and as the devil of Hell's Kitchen, and Daredevil) 5 Matt & Karen, 6 Karen Page - See the rest here -

  • (no subject)

    [8] Love, Victor, [4] Fate: The Winx Saga, [4] Loki, [3] Misfits, [3] Outer Banks, [3] WandaVision, [2] Deadly Class, [2] Elite, [2] Game…

  • The Untamed , Shutter Island , Imitation Game Icons

    Preview 12 icons from The Untamed, 3 icons from The Imitation game, 5 icons from Shutter Island See the rest here @…

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