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167 | Multifandom icons

99 | TV (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones, Almost Human, Lost Girl, Arrow, Mad Men, Sleepy Hollow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Detective, The Walking Dead, The Borgias, Hannibal, House M.D., The Hour, Suits, Glee, Teen Wolf, Haven)
29 | Movies (The Hunger Games, Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Marie Antoinette, Much Ado About Nothing, Captain America, Batman Returns, Batman & Robin, Moulin Rouge, Carrie, Alice in Wonderland, Oz the Great and Powerful, Mirror Mirror)
25 | Animation (Tarzan, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Road to El Dorado, Alice in Wonderland, Monsters INC, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Tangled)
10 | Comic (Marvel: Gambit, Scarlet Witch, Mystique. DC: Supergirl, Batwoman, Poison Ivy, Ra's al Ghul, Flash)

All icons HERE @ sininferno
Tags: comics: dc, comics: marvel, movie: alice in wonderland, movie: batman & robin, movie: batman returns, movie: beauty and the beast, movie: captain america, movie: carrie, movie: marie antoinette, movie: mirror mirror, movie: monsters inc, movie: moulin rouge, movie: much ado about nothing, movie: oz the great and powerful, movie: pocahontas, movie: sleeping beauty, movie: tangled, movie: tarzan, movie: the hunger games, movie: the lion king, movie: the little mermaid, movie: the road to el dorado, movie: thor, movie: thor: the dark world, tv: almost human, tv: arrow, tv: buffy the vampire slayer, tv: game of thrones, tv: glee, tv: hannibal, tv: haven, tv: house m.d., tv: lost girl, tv: mad men, tv: once upon a time, tv: pretty little liars, tv: sleepy hollow, tv: suits, tv: teen wolf, tv: the borgias, tv: the hour, tv: the originals, tv: the vampire diaries, tv: the walking dead, tv: true detective

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