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Need, Take, Have

02/24/11 - 220 Icons


+ Comment & Credit if taking. Please don't claim as your own.
+ No hot-linking.
+ Text-less icons are NOT bases!
+ Resources found here.

[1-20] Six (BSG) made for bsg_20in20
[21-40] Jack & Gwen (Torchwood) made for doctorwho20in20
[41-60] Derek & Meredith (Grey's Anatomy) made for fandoms20in20
[61-80] Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) made for femme20in20
[81-100] Rose Tyler (Doctor Who) made for hbic20in20
[101-120] Blair & Chuck (Gossip Girl) made for pairing20in20
[121-140] Mary Winchester (Supernatural) made for sprntrl20in20
[141-160] Vala Mal Doran (Stargate SG-1) made for stargate20in20
[161-180] TSCC - General made for terminator20n20
[181-200] Jessica Hamby (True Blood) made for vampires20in20
[201-220] Doctor Who - Season 2 made for whoverse20in20

...batch 1-100...
...batch 101-220...
Tags: sci-fi, tv: battlestar galactica, tv: doctor who, tv: gossip girl, tv: grey's anatomy, tv: stargate sg-1, tv: supernatural, tv: the sarah connor chronicles, tv: torchwood, tv: true blood
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