Dr. Sexy xD (makarosh) wrote in _fandom_icons_,
Dr. Sexy xD

140 icons+5 wallpapers

140 icons
5 wallpapers  
 TV: misfits, skins, glee, lost, the vampire diaries, fringe, supernatural, gossip girl
Movies: harry potter, inception, v for vendetta, sherlock holmes
Celebs: iwan rheon, anna torv, joshua jackson, jensen ackles, misha collins, ed westwick
ian somerhalder, kristen stewart, jared leto, rupert grint, alexander scarsgard, brad pitt
more here @boom_badaboom 
Tags: actors, actresses, movie: harry potter, movie: sherlock holmes, movie: v for vendetta, tv: fringe, tv: glee, tv: gossip girl, tv: inception, tv: lost, tv: misfits, tv: skins, tv: supernatural, tv: the vampire diaries

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