Marty McFly Fan (bttf4444) wrote in _familyties,
Marty McFly Fan

A Keaton Christmas Carol

I liked the overall plot for A Keaton Christmas Carol, but I have to admit I was bothered by the futuristic portayal of Alex P Keaton. Then again, the futuristic portrayal of Marty McFly was also a bit disturbing. Neither of them seemed to be especially pleasant people, which is generally not like them. It was also quite disturbing to see the living room modified to show the futuristic Keatons living in an impoverished condition.

Anyway, I guess this is something else Alex P Keaton and Marty McFly have in common. They both nearly avoided having terrible futures. Future Alex seemed so disturbing callous, while Future Marty generally just had a very bad attitude.
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