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This is an open letter to AFI.

Dear Davey, Jade, Hunter and the other dude whose name escapes me and I don't feel like googling it,

Seriously, what the fuck?

You pulled a total bitch move when it came to putting out Sing The Sorrow. After The Art Of Drowning, I was thinking that I had found a band that was the perfect mix of modern punk hardcore with a flair for the old school horror bands like The Misfits and The Damned. I heard Sing The Sorrow and thought "okay, maybe their record label had a lil something to do with this." I listened to it a few times but hadn't picked it up at all since then.

Then the internet rumor mill went to work, y'all were working on new material and supposedly it was a step back to the direction you were at. Okay, cool. I could forget Sing The Sorrow. I forgave Bad Religion for Into The Unknown, being I'm a forgiving person. I hear this new album and I have to ask this one question...

Did you realize that you could slap an album together that was half made up of horrible Cure wannabe songs and then other half made up of songs that were even shittier Atreyu songs and kids would buy it no matter what?

I can understand artistic growth and wanting to experiment, but when you lose the core elements that made your band so good, it's disheartening. That 37mm song? Yo, the fuck? AFI had one of the best rhythm sections going and you mute them to croon? Fuck all that shit.

I really respect you guys as a band, but c'mon, this is dreck. Pure irredeemable dreck. As much as I think you guys have it in you, I don't think that you'll be able to win me back as a fan now. After hearing Decemberunderground, I'm just going to pretend that you broke up in 2005 and listen to the old stuff and keep my memories.

Thanks for those memories though, they are good ones.



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