September 26th, 2006

Koichi Domouto [Kinki Kids] - Samurai

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- 64 scans
---> Regular Edition CD booklet, Limited Edition CD booklet, Limited Edition Mini-Photobook

As you can see, I finally got my scanner to work. ^^ I decided on having Koichi's new album be my first scanning project and... voila. Here it is. Originally scanned in 600 dpi (holy crap, those suckers were big), I downsized the scans so that they could be uploaded--still, they're nice and big and clear. Original post for this was here, so that you can tell the difference. Enjoy~

*** If you use for graphics or post elsewhere, please give credit to me since I bent my photobook's spine to scan these. x_x;

I don't know how to link to pictures in my gallery using thumbnails (and LJ's FAQ didn't tell me how... >>;;), so... Gallery link. ^^; If anyone could tell me how to make thumbnails from pictures hosted off of LiveJournal, I'd be more than happy enough to go and include them in this post~

----> Koichi Domoto scans