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Wink Up - 6 [June 2006]
05 Koichi Domoto

Oricon Style - November 2005
01 Jin Akanishi (CM ad/mini-article)
13 Kinki Kids

- credit // click on the thumbnail to view the full picture
--- The Oricon Style magazine was a little bit bigger than my scanner, so some edges were cut off because of that; not a lot, however.

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Koichi Domouto [Kinki Kids] - Samurai

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- 64 scans
---> Regular Edition CD booklet, Limited Edition CD booklet, Limited Edition Mini-Photobook

As you can see, I finally got my scanner to work. ^^ I decided on having Koichi's new album be my first scanning project and... voila. Here it is. Originally scanned in 600 dpi (holy crap, those suckers were big), I downsized the scans so that they could be uploaded--still, they're nice and big and clear. Original post for this was here, so that you can tell the difference. Enjoy~

*** If you use for graphics or post elsewhere, please give credit to me since I bent my photobook's spine to scan these. x_x;

I don't know how to link to pictures in my gallery using thumbnails (and LJ's FAQ didn't tell me how... >>;;), so... Gallery link. ^^; If anyone could tell me how to make thumbnails from pictures hosted off of LiveJournal, I'd be more than happy enough to go and include them in this post~

----> Koichi Domoto scans
Ha SeBin [EVE] - Posed

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29 scans from Koichi Domoto's [Kinki Kids] new solo album, MIRROR. My friend missatralissa let me borrow her scanner while I was over at her house, but I wasn't able to scan everything. ^^; When I get more time, I'll scan more of the limited edition photobook, as well as the CD booklets for the limited and regular album editions.

Crossposted to _fake_wings, boys_paper, and domotokyoudai. If using for graphics and such, please credit me since I'm bending the crap out of my photobook to scan it. x_x;

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Koichi Domouto [Kinki Kids] - Samurai

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oulan was kind enough to upload The King and the Clown on ClubBox over here. (Community is locked--if you aren't already a member, then become one! It's an awesome community, anyway~) I absolutely adore this movie, and I decided to take screenshots of it--with a focus on Junki of course. There are spoilers in this post. You've been warned. ♥

Feel free to use the screenshots for graphics and such. All I ask is that you credit me for the screencapture. ^^;;


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