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Drama Spin Us Right 'Round Baby

'Right 'Round

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All Members , Moderated

(1.) Before joining this community, please follow the proper joining procedure as outlined on our public posts. If you fail to follow the instructions, you WILL NOT be admitted into the community.

(2.) DO NOT come to the mods personal journals with your complaints/comments/whatever. You will be banned for this.

(3.) All posts must be FRIENDS ONLY, if you unlock them they will be deleted. All posts must have a tag and a subject line relevant to the faker.

(4.) DO NOT harass members, mods, and yes, even fakers in their personal journals. Harassment is a violation of LJ TOS and they will ban you and maybe even the community for it. We are here to stop drama, not cause it!

(5.) All problems and concerns can be emailed to us at fake.ljers@gmail.com . However, I will not answer your “why was I rejected emails.” Please refer to one of the public entries as to why you may have been rejected for membership.

(6.) Trolls are boring, but we would still like to know about them. Please lj-cut if you use them.

(7.) If you look at your icon and think “hmmm maybe not for this community” - chances are they are not. Please keep them G-rated.

(8.) NO spamming, off-topic posts, promotions, or introduction posts. Any and all will be deleted. Hateful, inappropriate, or off-topic comments may also necessitate your removal. If you don't have anything to contribute, please don't contribute. We don't award points for whoever has the most posts or comments.

(9.) We are aware of the fakerstuff community, there is no need to make another post about them.

(10.)Fakers on greatestjournal, deadjournal, myspace, etc. are not for this community UNLESS their faking is well documented on LJ as well.

(11.) If you can, please avoid posting pictures that are not copy righted BY YOU. Even with credit, it seems that this is in violation of LJ TOS.

(12.) DO NOT edit your posts. We read all entries before they are posted for a reason. Editing your entry will result in removal.

We align ourselves with fake_lj_deaths and faking_pregnant. Those two are it!

And since certain users like to steal our userinfo, repeatedly, this is all now copy righted :)
Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

Reader, beware - They bite!

Best known as jcgavememusic, Carissa likes to pretend to have kids that have issues, or are 'unique' in some form. She pretends to be guys who are overly feminine, etc. In addition, she steals pictures of other people's children to pass off on her own and if she manages to entwine you deeply enough, she will make a move for your money and general overall sanity.

memento is a faker who used her 'model' status to obtain gifts from other ljers. She scams people out of money and gifts. In reality, she is much older then she claims to be and has never been a model. She swiped pictures from somewhere and has been claiming them as her own. The person she took them from is yet to be discovered.

lilyremy. Where do I begin with her? She was one of the most hostile, conniving fakers we have seen through this community. It was almost as if she BELIEVED she really was living the life she was fabricating. She has hacked emails, journals, and has a mole in this community. The owners of her pictures were finally found, contacted LJ abuse and got her and her circle of con-journals suspended. Lily is also - classy_clit, loccisano, natasha_g, theabeee, miss_k_hepburn, literary_moose and may have been gabrielleschlot. Lily claimed to be a writer living in Europe and America who lived a fabulous life of chalets, parties, and a gorgeous husband (turns out the pictures she swiped for her husband were of a GAY man - haha). Lily first made an appearance on epinions and will probably resurface somewhere soon. Watch out!

shanazadrick. Likely another incarnation of the notorious lilyremy, this journal poses as that of a former Guess model who claims to be married to the forgettable French model Sebastien Large. However, Sebastien Large married a 59-year-old Ohio woman in October 2006.

natashagray. Not to be confused with lilyremy, natashagray is the persona of a male user named gulgathorian who fabricated a journal to attempt to track down lilyremy while avoiding his own detection. He was ultimately exposed after having spent seven months unsuccessfully pursuing lilyremy. He even purchased the domain http://lilyremy.com in an apparent attempt to keep her from renewing it. His other fake journal, natashagrey, was suspended for harassment, as was his community coldjournal. His other community, _coldjournal, is currently maintained by tinwolf, likely another persona of his who is posing as a Russian ljer. Other likely personas/associates of his include imissnew_wave and quinky. Since having been exposed, this user purchased "disconnection and deletion" name change tokens for both gulgathorian and natashagray, so the accounts still exist, though under different names.

brambled, mizz_ann_thrope, reinventedmuse, ami_m_doehring, blugurl frequents femme/butch communities both on lj and other boards including myspace. She has scammed many people out of money and will probably have a lawsuit coming her way!

Total Fakes

wordfuzion first made an appearance under several pseudonyms in murphy_fans where she made grand accusations of having a cyber stalker and needing to change her handle several times to avoid this mystery person. At some point she had begun claiming that she had Aspergers and that her socialization skills caused her great embarrassment and distress because of it. Once moderators uncovered that she had several different accounts in the community, she was ban_set until she reappeared in a yahoo group with an even more lavish story.

Jenni was known under </a></b></a>the_idea_of_you, </a></b></a>toes_inthe_sand, </a></b></a>get_me_a_latte, </a></b></a>xgrey_sky_eyesx, </a></b></a>playingyourfool, </a></b></a>toesinthesand05, </a></b></a>summerseabreeze, </a></b></a>ill_backyou_up, </a></b></a>ill_back_you_up, </a></b></a>gentleafterglow, </a></b></a>dancedintheam where she posted fake pictures, lied about what state she lived in, lied about being a critical care nurse when she was proven to be a desk clerk. She posted all kinds of grandiose lies about her lifestyle (New BMW, endless boyfriends, new condos, etc). She also used one of the fake journals to lie about having cancer. She would use things posted by her lj-friends in their own journals as sources for some of her lies and deceit. She used her lies about being a nurse to act like she was better than others and generally made her fake persona to be superior to everyone else. Her journals frequently contained the "starting a new job" theme. She was nasty and lashed out at anyone who questioned her superiority OR her lies. When anyone got suspicious and asked any questions, she would delete the journal and create a new one.

lemmons who was supposedly married to dylmc. Dylan (her husband) supposedly worked for the Sherriff's department in Corpus Christi,TX as well as two of their friends that were frequent posters: bowster and toeb. lemmons (She claimed her real name was Autumn) was the first to have an account, and started it around 2004. She talked to other LJers on the phone, sent packages, recieved packages (at the address she provided many users) and was a very frequent poster. I don't know about her community involvement - most of those effected were directly on her friend's list. She posted pictures frequently, which have all turned out to be from a frequent picture poster in New Jersey which is how she was discovered to be a faker. Upon being revealed as a fake all accounts were deleted, her cell phone disconnected, and her email address (a gmail account) deleted. Her "Sister" called somebody on the f-list and told her that she did have a sister named Autumn who was discovered by her family to have the second life, and getting treatment. It is just too coincidental that her family found out about this at the exact same time as her LJ friends. She may still be on LJ under a different user name. Beware!

holesticbettie is a fake journal detailing a fake pregnancy; created by made_in_1985 who has created fake pregnancy ljs before as well as pretending to be pregnant in real life. She stole pictures of a baby girl from a new mom and was called out numerous times, including in pregnant_grad.

bouncecity is an entry less journal who has posted in pregnancy communities seeking help in home abortions. Some of her stats seem quite similar to xosara_bethxo which was created by freakiichick360 who was proven to be a real person who faked a pregnancy (conjoined twins...oh my!). She later went on to axe her fiance claiming that he was killed in Afghanistan. It appears that he was made up since nothing (both on the internet and in RL) can prove otherwise.

bi_baby_girl photoshopped pictures of her living baby nephew to pass them off as her fake stillborn daughter. The entire pregnancy appears to be a fake. More investigation is needed.

vtecme was ousted as a fake in one11am's journal. She later admits to being bestells as well as hannahgirl1020 . Her admission can be seen here.

bustychestedgrl is an over-the-top fake journal describing the life of a daughter of a stripper. It appears to have been outted once before, but she continued to post before stopping again.

sena7 posted pictures of Lauren Ambrose (Claire from Six Feet Under) and claimed that they were her. More investigation pending.

christemo faked having HIV in an attempt to get back at her boyfriend since he had once dated a guy sometime before they got together. Now that the claim has been opened up to everyone, she's claiming it was a joke and the boyfriend has left her. That's what you get for faking something THAT serious.

violetmaiden may or may not have faked a pregnancy. That is were it gets sketchy. She appears to have made up stuff about her and faked parts of her life. She appears to have abandoned that story line and journal for that matter, only to remerge as gentle_mommy. She may now have a real baby of her own, however, that does not erase the fact that she made up babies before. Salutes are not concrete evidence either. More investigation pending.

prttynpunk faked a life about traveling. Even posted pictures of her trips to Europe and abroad, however, she forgot to upload them into an image hosting account and hot linked to the websites she swiped them from. Her friend sourxroses appears to be a fake as well, since there have been accidental comments from wrong ljs as well as her pictures showing up in prttynpunk's photobucket account.

city_glitter conned many lj users out of money claiming she needed 5,000 dollars in donations to cover a vet bill after someone set her cat on fire. She later admits to lying about it, claiming that it was just an "experiment" on how kind people really are. Money is supposedly being refunded, we await to see the results.

gothiclolita16 claimed to be a Latina escort, leading a fabulous, yet ohsodramatic life. The user later admits that it is a fake journal that was being written by three different people.

pinkspatters_ faked a multiples pregnancy (oh my, triplets!) as well as having a fiance in the military. Her lies go on to be as grandiose to state that she don't know who her babay's daddy is as well as creating new boyfriends and fiancés when she got bored of the old ones. She posted pictures from TV shows claiming that those where her best friends.

oceans_echo a fake journal that maintains a community (tha_echo_famaly)to keep track of all of there other fake echoes ljs. This faker also made up lompe_.

3grantbrothers is a fake journal chronicling the life of three brothers from the Ozarks. The entire journal reads as a bad attempt at fiction writing. They can be seen in several "add me as your lj friend" communities including add_me.

ilovemyryebread, deelicious_x3,vins_wifey,lilmama2cedez,princess__cedez. Man, it feels good to finally add her to the list. I felt that she was a total fake from the get go. However, since she had SO many pictures of "her" and "her" baby, everyone felt that she was real. However, a member has finally found the girl she had stolen all of those pictures from. The real girl can be seen here.

seracide was outted several years before. She has also been discussed in fake_lj_deaths. She has also posted under the handle of darkvanity. She usually claims to be from Australia. This time, she said that she married a lead singer of a band and moved from her native Canada to LA. She later admitted the entire life was a lie.

xblackoblivionx claimed to be a writer living in England. She also claimed that she was fluent in Japanese. All claims have since been proven false. It is believed that she is an American who used her lj as a creative out let for whatever book she may have been working on.

justjaine aka bitterdementia were created by daisy_camille to harass another lj user. justjaine and bitterdementia were ljs that were being used to "copy" the user that was being harassed. Some journals have since been suspended for violating LJ TOS.

amo_jai is a fake created by i_love_jai. Tells tall tales about how she was adopted from Italy to NYC aged 10. Claimed to know Italian. When I commented in a friendly manner in Italian she freaked out, made her diary Friends Only and allegedly deleted a bunch of posts. Mariah Carey is her dead mum. And other tales of the sort. Her pictures were all swiped from a girl on Myspace.

ykantgeramispel does not have stomach cancer or chimera. His suicide note is fake, obviously. His pictures have been proven to be taken from various internet sites. He has no "real-life" friends on his list, except one user. The pictures of his friends are fake as well. UPDATE: His latest claims of having been in a horrendous car accident are sadly, very true.

enprise pretended to be a co-ed at UPENN. In reality, he turned out to be a much older man. He made grandiose claims with regards to his family and background. When people in u_penn became suspicious, university police became involved, he was told to end all contact with the girls there, and enprise was deleted.