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Faded Fiction

A Marauder Era Fandom Community

Faded Fiction: A Marauder Era Fanfiction Community
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Faded Fiction: A Marauder Era Fanfiction Community

Welcome to Faded Fiction, the first fully functional livejournal community dedicated solely to fanfiction set in the era of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs! This is an open community where you are free to post any type of fiction, poetry, or even art (this includes comic strips!). We are currently going through a lot of exciting changes to help us grow, so stay tuned!

How We Work:
Faded Fiction has always accepted independant works and will continue to do so. HOWEVER, we have recently begun to initiate artistic challenges. Each month, a prompt will be posted and all members will be invited to respond to it however their imagination wills them to. Prompts can range from a single word, a situation, song lyrics, a character or a pairing, or something else our expansive imaginations can think up.

How do we decide on the monthly challenges? We need suggestions from our dedicated writers and artists! If you have an idea for a prompt, please submit it to this post (the replies to this post are locked so only the mods can view them). In the third week of each month, the mods (i_got_spunk and lindskaba) will post a poll including 5 randomly chosen suggests from the above post, in which our members can vote for what next month's challenge topic will be. The following week, that month's challenge will be closed (along with a post linking to all works posted for that challenge) and the new topic will be posted. Old topics that were not voted in will be recycled for following months. And that's it!

Please read the rules below before posting or replying to someone else's work (don't worry, they're pretty much painless).

Previous Challenges
Rain May 06

1. All creative works must go under a livejournal cut.
2. You must include the following header (or a variation thereof) for each piece posted:

Submission: Tell us what we are going to see: a short story, a long story, a comic strip, etc
Rating: Please see the rating guide below.
Characters/Pairing: If it is crucial to the effect of your work that the character or pairing remain unknown, you of course do not have to include this.
Challenge: Remind us what prompt, if any, you are responding to.

3. No flaming. You can offer constructive criticism--if the author doesn't specify otherwise!--but please be polite! Everyone is entitled to display their work in this community regardless of your personal beliefs.
4. All materials are copyrighted to their respective creators. If you take something, we will know. And find you. Rar.
5. Please keep all content related to the maruaders or the marauders era. These include not only MWPP themselves but also those from the same era: Lily Evans, Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, any of the Black sisters... No. Charlie Weasley is too young. Sorry ;)
6. Do not post solely for advertisement. You may advertise your own site, but only after posting something substantial.
7. This is not an icon community. You may submit icons, but if that is what you are here for, you're here for the wrong reason.
8. When writing, please use proper grammar and punctuaion... or as close to that as possible. Just make an effort. Please. NO LEET SPEAK. EVER. Just don't do it.
9. You may lurk and comment on others' work if you wish. You do not have to post anything of your own to join.
10. REQUESTS: If you have a request for a fanfiction or art, you may post it. please do not post the same request twice! It's annoying.

Rating Guide
G- No violence, sexual content, adult language or themes.
PG- Minor adult language and themes, still no major violence or sexual content.
PG-13 - Moderate adult language and themes, violence and sexual content allowed to a reasonable point.
R - Any sort of language or themes you wish may be included. Violence and sexual content is allowed, but not in grotesque or extreme detail.
NC-17 - If you have a very adult story, this should be its rating. Any sort of sex, language, or content may be used. This should definitely be used for intense sexual fiction.
Same-sex coupling - If same-sex coupling is used, please specify somewhere very obvious because some people are uncomfortable with this. Also, please indicate your couple. But please share! (*cough*specificallyremusandsirius*cough*)
For Artwork... - You don't need to use the formal rating system for artwork. Just indicate if your work may be offensive, and if so, give a brief description of why.

If you have any questions or comments about the rating system, or are unsure of how to rate your work, please feel free to contact one of us: i_got_spunk or lindskaba.

Please remember that this community is here so creators will be able to share their work with others. It is intended to be a civil, intelligent, and creative environment for the marauder-lover in us all, so please do your best to keep it that way!

Important Links
Make a Challenge Suggestion!

The Harry Potter series and all of its characters/names/etc. are © J.K. Rowling.