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We're Fabul0us!

And What Makes You Fabulous?

The Fabulous People
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

You Must Read All of The Applicant Rules Before You Apply, You Can Worry About The Member Rules When/If You Are Accepted
¤1-FIRST:This community is not only about your looks, we like pretty people, YES, but if the "ugly" people are fabulous in other ways, they deserve to be here. (As long as they actually have a reason why they are fabulous)
¤2-Post your entire application and all of your pictures under a cut within two days of joining.
If you do NOT know how to do that, use this example and take out the *s
<*lj-cut text="Name of link"*>
¤3-If you cannot handle honest criticism, turn back now. Thank you.
¤4-Please bold the questions and NOT the answers, it's much easier to read.
Don't know how? removes the *s <*b>Question:<*/b>
¤5-You may respond to votes, but keep the conversation to a minimum, it's a little irritating when it comes down to the time to tally your votes.
¤6-Your application will be stamped by me (Susan) after a period of 1-2 days based on the amount of votes and majority rule.
¤7-Don't argue with the members, it will get you rejected and possibly banned.
¤8-If you ARE rejected, wait a few days, at least 3, and you may reapply. Either get better pictures, be more thorough, or just don't be bitchy, depending on why you got rejected to begin with.
¤9-You must put "I AM Fabulous!" as your subject title on your application, I don't really care what you name the cut link.
¤10-Please no oversized pictures, if you don't know how to resize, ask me and I'll try to help you as long as you cooperate.
¤11-If the votes come to a tie, I have the final decision, because I'm the Owner/MOD. If that bothers you, too bad, just hope you don't receive a tied vote. Thanks.
That is all for your rules, be sure to check them before you apply in case I make any alterations

The Basics

¤Actual Name:
¤Nickname/Name You Prefer:
¤Date Of Birth:
¤Sexual Preference:
¤Basic Heritage:

A Little Deeper

¤Favorite Color:
¤Favorite Food:
¤Favorite TV Show (if any):
¤A FEW Favorite Singers/Bands:
¤A FEW favorite Movies:
¤Have Any Pets?:
¤Smoke Anything? What?:
¤A FEW Things That Interest You:

Your Opinions On..

¤War(In General):
¤Politics(In General, as well):
¤Gay Marriage:
¤Diet Trends:
¤Death Penalty:

How Did You Find _fabul0us_?

Promote to at least two other users or one community, and provide a link in case I decide to check you.

Most Importantly, Why Are You Fabulous? Be Honest and Specific!

Photographic Evidence
Post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself, and remember to resize them if they're very large (or ask for help). You may post more than 3, just don't put like.. 20.. we'll get the point with just a few more.

¤1-Stay ACTIVE! Help with themes, participate in them, find activities for all members, promote, do whatever necessary to help the community.
¤2-Don't start disputes with the other members, if they're in, there's no reason for you to be overly critical to them.
¤3-Be HONEST to applicants, don't spare the feelings if it's your honest opinion.
¤4-May slightly contradict with 3, don't be childish or cruel with your choice of word, if you think they're ugly, go ahead and say it, but don't necessarily make them want to commit suicide.
¤5-Contribute any efforts available to making this community popular and worth the membership, I don't just want a gathering of fabulous people who don't do anything to maintain their fabulous standpoint. PARTICIPATE!!!!!
¤6-If you are not active or you break these rules even after you've been warned, you will be removed and banned if necessary.
¤7-When voting, post your decision as the subject line, if you post a "maybe" it will be ignored until you have decided or the time runs out.
¤8-Please give reasons as to why you have chosen your response, even if it's an "I just don't like your attitude" or "You're bitchy" as long as it's reasonable, chances are, everyone may agree with you.
¤9-You may post text only entries, but they're a little boring, so don't do it too often, and any pictures you post must be behind a cut.
¤10-Promotion: You may promote other communities as long as you're also promoting this community and you don't promote others too frequently.

Banners for promotion, if you make good ones, I'll post them here.
Use any of these that you would like, or any of your own as long as they have been approved.
If you don't know how to post a banner, ask for help, or just link to the community
Like this: (remove the *s)
<*img src="place the given link here"*>
<*lj user="_fabul0us_"*>

Created by x_suzie_x
That was the first I made, just as a temporary, use it if you'd like

Created by x_suzie_x

Created by x_suzie_x

Created by x_suzie_x

Susan--if you need anything, contact me. I will have around 2 or 3 members selected to be sure everyone obeys rules and stays active in case I miss anything.
AIM:XoSuz420x (whichever screen name is available)
You may find my personal (and friends only) journal here: