Susan (x_suzie_x) wrote in _fabul0us_,

AHH! Mod :)


Wake the fuck up and roll some people in.

Or at least give me some pictures.

This a pic my dad took

And this is when I was looking at him weird

And then cheesin, lol

Me and the lovely Katie (focus on Katie, haha)

Justin and Christina(who came in just for the dance<3)

Rebecca, Kelly Jo, and Rebecca's boyfriend, John

Kristen(middle) and a couple of her friends

Adrian going vintage

Crystal and her boyfriend

Rex's truck and the top of pizza hut while Kelly Jo and me were waiting for him to get off of work

Kelly taking a picture of me from my car

Kelly skipping around

Rex and Kelly when Rex was taking out the trash

We were taking a bunch of pictures

And lastly, Kelly's cousin Amber, snoring. Hah.

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