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I AM Fabulous!

The Basics

¤Actual Name:
¤Nickname/Name You Prefer: Um... Jenna.
¤Age: 18
¤Date Of Birth: March 16, 1986
¤Location: Covington, VA
¤Sexual Preference: I'm bisexual. Truly. I hold relationships with males as well as females... I'm not just a little preadolescent girl who messes around with chicks as an attention getter from guys. Just wanted to make that clear.
¤Basic Heritage: Dutch and Irish<3

A Little Deeper

¤Favorite Color:
Gunmetal gray, first and foremost. Black, red, and green are also nice.
¤Favorite Food: I'm not really picky. I suppose it'd have to be Chinese.
¤Favorite TV Show (if any): Headbanger's Ball, Viva La Bam, Jeopardy, etc.
¤A FEW Favorite Singers/Bands: I could never choose a few. Sorry. If you want to see some favorites, check out my user information.
¤A FEW favorite Movies: This one's hard too... Tank Girl, Strangeland, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange, all CKYs, Kevin Smith movies, and much more.
¤Have Any Pets?: Yes. I have an eight year old mutt named George, and two three year old miniature poodles named Joey and Bella. Bella only has three paws, she's awesome.
¤Smoke Anything? What?: Marlboro Reds, and weed occasionally.
¤Drink?: Yes. I'll drink anything that gets me shitfaced.
¤A FEW Things That Interest You: Many things that I won't list. Check out my user info for details.

Your Opinions On..

¤War(In General):
I think there's an easier way out than war, and I don't agree with anything that George Bush has done. It may have been needed in the past, yes, but the war we're in at the moment was uncalled for. If Bush is re-elected, I'm going on a rampage. Specifically, at the White House.
¤Politics(In General, as well): I keep up with what's going on to an extent, but I don't have very much interest in it. I think the whole lot of them are bloody wankers.
¤Abortion: Pro-choice, all the way. I don't believe it should be a form of birth control, but if the female has good reason, than I think it should be tolerated. It's useless to make it illegal anyway... people will do it. I'd rather see a girl go to a clinic and get it professionally done, rather than in a back alley with her overaged boyfriend, using a coat hanger. Agree? I thought you would.
¤Gay Marriage: Definitely for it, and I shouldn't even have to give the reasons. It's obvious.
¤Diet Trends: I eat what I want, I'm in good shape. Quite happy with my "diet," thanks.
¤Death Penalty: This is definitely a situation where the quote, "An eye for an eye." doesn't tend to benefit. I don't agree with it.
How Did You Find _fabul0us_? I'm friends with Susan, the mod. :)


and here...

Most Importantly, Why Are You Fabulous? Be Honest and Specific! I'm Jenna. I'm Irish. I rock at life. I should charge everyone to breathe my air. Got it? Good.

Photographic Evidence

I'm on the left, with my friend Katie(alwayskatielynn).

Don't ask...


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