Blerggggh (roie) wrote in _f_r_i_e_n_d_s_,

Add me :]

I'm Robyn.
I have an Associates Degree in Computer Information Technology.
I work at a survey/engineer/environmental consulting firm as a receptionist.

I have recently been told that I'm full of myself, gossip a little too much, and I can talk your head off. But who gives a shit what other people think?

I do admit that I talk a good bit, but that's just how I am. I gossip as much as the next girl, though I'm really not too proud of that.

Livejournal is seriously a great place to vent. I love to read about other people's lives and help them out when they need, and I most definitely love to get comments from other people about my entries.

Photography is a passion of mine. If I could, I would be a photographer instead of a phone answer-er, hah.

I have a boyfriend, we've been together for 3 years.

Friends? They frustrate me. I don't have many close ones because I have learned that the more people who really know you the more likely you are to be hurt, so why bother?

Ah, anyway, just add me, read my journal (it's friend's only, so lemme know that you add me!)

That's me!

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