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_eye_candy_'s Journal

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☆ eye candy ☆
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All Members , Moderated

welcome to ☆ eye candy ☆!
feel free to talk about and post pictures of ANYTHING eye related - human or animal, any shape, any color, made up or not, glasses or no glasses, etc!
we're not a rating community, and everyone is welcome.
please be respectful and keep your posts on topic!

every 2 weeks (or however often I feel like updating), I will announce a new theme. members are encouraged to post according to theme, but
non-themed posts are always welcome.
this is not a contest, it's just for fun!
so enjoy, and be creative!
the current theme is:

please use [lj-cut] when posting lots of images.
if you need help with codes or image hosting, just ask!

community promos are ok, but ONLY for communities of similar interest - meaning ABOUT EYES.
only post once per community please.
and keep promos with images under an lj-cut.
*if your promo does not follow these rules, it will be deleted immediately*

created and run by: syko_neko
co-moderated by: dieselhamasaki, upaya and ninjer
we try to welcome every new member, but sometimes it doesn't happen... but just because we don't comment doesn't mean you're not as beautiful as the rest of us!

other awesome eye communities:
(comment to have yours added!)

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