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This community is based on ExplodingDog ..
cuz we all know he is totally kick ass kool and hes funny as hell ..this community will be updated and everything as much as possible and hopefully will be the koolest ExDog. Comm. out there :P


*So basically say whatever you want .. Promoting IS OKAY as long as it is behind an LJ-CUT!

*Don't bash on anyone OR ExplodingDog! ..cuz I can ban ya from this community...and I will....

*You can post pictures,sayings,quotes,links .. anything that's gotta do with ExplodingDog.Post Icons, Banners , Colorbars , and even Lay-outs !! (Just put everything behind an LJ-cut )and if the picture is NOT yours, then give credit to whoever made it or don't post it at all.

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