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[12 Jul 2008|12:44pm]

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New comminity [30 Nov 2006|11:12pm]


Dear ladies!

Welcome to fashion community from Russia - trendy_view

There are many stylish pictures of russian girls and guys.
This community are private, and you need to get it to your friend list and to get a member of community.

We will be glad to see your pictures too there.
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[24 Sep 2006|11:28pm]


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Come see what the ORIGINAL Livejournal's Next Top Model is all about.

Over 100 members
Weekly challenges for contestants
great experience for aspiring models and photographers
great way to meet new people
a great way to get an honest opinion about your modeling potential ,or your photography skills

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[15 Jul 2006|10:01am]

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[30 Apr 2006|11:51pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[26 Apr 2006|02:28pm]

PROM DRESS SIZE 24!! black with glitter dress!!

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[29 Jan 2006|09:26pm]

promo: livejournal's next top model cycle 5Collapse )
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ahh what the hell [20 Sep 2005|08:49am]

i'm back on myspace, bitches
add me.

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[18 Sep 2005|09:37pm]


Check it out!

For the necklaces and earrings go here: prissy_sales

Everything else, click the pic!!

I want to sell this stuff ASAP! So PLEASE buy something!

X-posted to hell!
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[04 Sep 2005|06:15pm]

So I had an ex-boyfriend fiasco, you know the deal he takes all your stuff as revenge, whatever. Anyways I got it all back, but he sent my chihuahua to the pound as a stray. I just moved here and I haven't gotten him liscensed yet, which means I have to pay the fine and have him liscensed.... To bail him out I need to sell some junk cause I am B-R-O-K-E!

Most of the clothes are M-XL juniors, but some are smaller, and the jewlery is all DIY!

I have about two weeks, maybe less to earn $300 I am adding new stuff everyday, but I have a lot for now.

Here is my ad:


xposted more than you can imagine!
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[10 Aug 2005|03:02pm]

i made a new journal, so could you add my new one please? LJ = timorousmeee
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Application [30 Jul 2005|11:33pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Name: Daniel
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Interests: Music, sexy stories, girls, LJ, flirting, guitar.
Nationality: (Light Skinned) African American
Why are you exotic?: Because i know how to write.
Proof that you promoted us?: www.livejournal.com/~stories16 it is at the end of my site.

i apologize, but i cannot post two pictures at the momment. i am recently on vacation in south carolina and using my mothers laptop computer, but once i return home, i shall post two pictures for you all. =)

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application [28 Jul 2005|01:28pm]

Name: Roseline (Ross for short) Denuna
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Interests: Triathlons, swimmming, school, anything that has to do with water
Nationality: Filipino
Why are you exotic?: I guess that I don't look like the typical American teenager.
Proof that you promoted us?:http://www.livejournal.com/community/girls_only_/

I really don't know how to put pictures on an lj-cut...

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[26 Jul 2005|04:12pm]

i think i was channeling some 40's/burlesque style yesterdayCollapse )
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DOOOOOOO IT, BITCHES [21 Jun 2005|10:05pm]

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application [21 Jun 2005|08:15pm]

Interests:sports, school, world religions, finding out about my familys past
Nationality: well..i was adopted from haiti, ovbiously making me haitian..but who knows what else, i'm trying to find out!!
Why are you exotic?: because I dotn have the typical american features, and I think the part of not 100% knowing my nationality makes me exotic and mysterious, lol plus I was born on an island :)
Proof that you promoted us?:http://www.livejournal.com/users/zkwwwsn/9746.html?view=53266#t53266

pics..i really would put it behind an lj-cut but i always mess it up, and I noticed some people didn't. sorry!! Image hosted by Photobucket.com and Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[20 Jun 2005|06:02am]


things for sale!  look at my selling journal! ^_^


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[13 Jun 2005|08:28pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Read more...Collapse )

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stamped//updating [11 Jun 2005|03:18pm]

[ mood | tired ]

you sucked the blood right out of life..Collapse )
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[30 May 2005|09:01pm]

Name: Susan
Age: 19
Sex: female
Interests: singing, music, writing, reading, hanging out with friends
Nationality: Czech and German
Why are you exotic?: A man walked up to me in a bookstore and told me that he was compelled to talk to me because I was exotic! Also because people tend to think I'm either mixed or Mediterranean.
Proof that you promoted us?: http://www.livejournal.com/community/__oh_naturall/44363.html

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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