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Dear ladies!

Welcome to fashion community from Russia - trendy_view

There are many stylish pictures of russian girls and guys.
This community are private, and you need to get it to your friend list and to get a member of community.

We will be glad to see your pictures too there.

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Come see what the ORIGINAL Livejournal's Next Top Model is all about.

Over 100 members
Weekly challenges for contestants
great experience for aspiring models and photographers
great way to meet new people
a great way to get an honest opinion about your modeling potential ,or your photography skills


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So I had an ex-boyfriend fiasco, you know the deal he takes all your stuff as revenge, whatever. Anyways I got it all back, but he sent my chihuahua to the pound as a stray. I just moved here and I haven't gotten him liscensed yet, which means I have to pay the fine and have him liscensed.... To bail him out I need to sell some junk cause I am B-R-O-K-E!

Most of the clothes are M-XL juniors, but some are smaller, and the jewlery is all DIY!

I have about two weeks, maybe less to earn $300 I am adding new stuff everyday, but I have a lot for now.

Here is my ad:


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