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I have finally decided to start reading Foucault's Pendulum. Of course I think I need to carry around the full Oxford at the same time, so I am capable of understanding it. This is part of my attempt to read real grown up (i.e. not sci fi) books. What else do people recommend? The non sci fi part of the book shop is so much bigger and I was never good with choice.


Next book club meeting: Sunday 18th April, 2pm. Am proposing to give the Toxteth in Glebe another whirl. Be there!

BTW, tged or sophronia: can we add Kurt Vonnegut as an interest?
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Slaughterhouse Five

Guess it's my turn to organise date and venue for next meeting.
I'm thinking 17th or 18th April - 6wks should be plenty of time, right?
If any of you out-of-towners are around, please feel welcome to come along.


sophronia, I'm sorry but I can't make it on Saturday afternoon after all.
Since I was the only respondent on your last post, do you want to reschedule for Saturday night?
tged is also free then and has offered his place as a meeting point. We could each bring a dish? What do you think? 8pm at his place?
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Hi everyone, i recieved this back from the editior of Good Reading. So anyone who want to write review etc...

Hi Donna,

Thanks for your email and thanks for sharing us with your group.

We have never covered graphic novels in the past. That's not to say we wouldn't! I'm not sure about comics although you could say they're not much different from graphic novels!

We genenerally cover all styles of books, fantasy, romance, thrillers, literary fiction, kids, cooking, arts etc etc. We try to put books in reviewers hands that suit their reading taste, maybe they are a fan of a particular author or know a bit about the subject of the book.

We run a page of readers reviews every month. We love to get reviews from our readers! So please feel free to contribute them. You can email them to editor@goodreadingmagazine.com.au

For articles you would have to speak to our editor, Kathy Mossop. She would welcome your imput. We plan the magazines a long way ahead so most of this year is thought about. We generally follow a type of theme, for example our March issue is taking on a 20th century classic theme, April we have a little group of things on Nature Writing, another month may be crime fiction. But all sorts of things are in each magazine so even though we say we tend to follow a theme we also squeeze as much variety in as we can.

We do have a reading group register that you can join. We draw one group out a month, supply them with a particular book (one for each member) and then record their meeting and publish an edited version in the magazine.

Think that's it... can I also ask how you found our website? It is good to know how people find out about us.

Thanks again for your interest.

Kind regards


hey everyone.

I must apologise for the appaulling spelling in the last post.

I have emailed that website and i'm hoping they'l answer soon. I asked if they accept reviews for graphic novels and comics. And if we can submit articles and or reviews. The graphic novels mostly because i really like this comic called the Witch King and i hear its coming out in trade paperback. ;)

If you guys know people who want to join and meet up with us throw me an email and i'll add them. I closed membership because i wanted to keep it for people that would come to meetings. I am well aware of the irony of me saying such a thing considering how lax i've been in organising.


To the very first post!

I need to apologise for the massive delay in getting my act together, but then my life kind of fell apart, and this is a step towards putting it back together. So.

The 21st of Febuary 1pm will be the book club for Breakfast at Tiffany's. At the Toxteth Hotel on glebe point road. We'll meet in the courtyard, or the Lounge if its raining. They have a bistro, and a smoking/non smoking section.

Its 3 weeks away. so there's time to re read the book. This date might change if absolutely no one can make it (Mardi gras season and i might have to move that weekend).

This community is for people who want to join and meet for Book club. I'll put something cuter for the bio later. Its for ideas on books to read, negotiotaing times, and reminding people that it still exists.

Also i found this...


They meet up with clubs and print their meeting/discussions. Sounds like it migfht be fun if we get properly off teh ground.