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What would happen if the First Evil had convinced Angel to lose his soul again and kill Buffy? What if he had not only killed her, but sired her as well? This is an AU Buffy Season 3 RPG that is set directly after the episode Amends except that Angelus is now free in Sunnydale again as well as a newly Vamped Buffy. It will start with no one knowing that it happened.

Giles will have to deal with the loss of his slayer.

Willow and Oz are just newly back together and will have to deal with Angelus and Vamp!Buffy.

Xander will obviously have to deal with the loss of a friend.

Faith will have to assume the role of the slayer. People will assume that she will be reluctant, but since she secretly wanted this to be her town, she's happy to fulfill her duties.

Wesley will be brought in slightly sooner since he is in charge of Faith and now she is the only slayer in Sunnydale. He will be totally unprepared to deal with vamps like Angelus.

Angelus will terrorize Sunnydale. Most likely he will especially come after Willow so that she cannot re-ensoul him again. He will just generally be evil. The Big Bad, as it were.

Vamp!Buffy can do whatever. She is obviously evil, but how evil? Will she team up with Angelus to wreak havoc or make her own trouble?

Angst abounds. Darkness reigns.

1. Stay active! Post well thought out, decent length posts at least once a week. They're called paragraphs people! And stay active in tags.
2. Be respectful.
3. This RPG is rated NC-17, but anything NC-17 should be placed behind a lj-cut.
4. Don't play God with another's character. It is a very dark and angsty game, there can be character death or siring, but it MUST be okayed by the mod AND the other person's character!
6. Join the ooc: within_ooc and friend it. Love it. It is your friend.
5. Enjoy yourselves.

Vamp!Buffy - the_golden_girl
Angelus - angelus_divine
Xander - zeppo_will_know
Willow - wil_rosenberg
Oz - blasebandmember
Giles - oh_dear
Faith - stake_n_skank
Wesley - wwp_watcher
Cordelia - parting_gifts
Joyce - slayermommy