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_everything_'s Journal

The World
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated


What we allow:

Whole cliques into this community to talk about their daily gossip - of course someone from the group must explain to everyone else what's going on, heated debates, random thoughts, jokes, stories, poetry, opinions, fights, arguements, logs, asking advice, giving advice, rants, jibberish, questions ..etcetcetcetc..

( Bassically we allow EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. )

What we do not allow:

... If you think there is anything in this section then you are DENSE, my freind. Dense.

aliens, all things, america, animals, anti jon faction, anything, area 51, art bell, articles, astrology, atlantis, auras, babbling, barbie dolls, bashing people, being serious, being silly, beliefs, blood types, books, brainwashing, cartoons, casinos, celtic, chinese astrology, cliques, comedy, computers, conspiracies, conspiracy theories, crimes, criminals, current events, death, debates, disney, dreams, drugs, emotions, etc, everything, fables, faery tales, fairy tales, fantasy, faries, faults in society, fbi, fiction, fire, flirting, free thinkers, friends, fun, funny pictures, gambling, ghosts, giving advice, god, gods, gossip, government, heaven, hell, history, hitler, horror, human nature, humor, ideas, illegal, illumanti, immaturity, internet, jibberish, jokes, kazaa, killers, kinky sex, las vegas, legends, life, lifes mysteries, love, lucifer, mafia, mental disorders, military, movies, muderers, murders, music, mythology, myths, new york, night, nothing, occult, opinions, paranormal, past events, past lives, people, pictures, playing games, politics, poltergeists, porn, predictions, psychology, pyramids, radio, rambling, random, ranks in society, reality, religion, riddles, seeking advice, serial killers, sex, sightings, sleep, society, soda, something, songs, souls, sponge bob, sports, stealing, stockholm syndrome, stories, studying the bible, talking, television, the unexplained, theives, theories, thoughts, twilight zone, ufos, under world, urban legends, usa, venting, water, whatever, writing, you