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heyyyyyy everybody. =)

I joined this group about 3 minutes ago. I'm looking for a group where I can just post whatever I'm feeling. And hopefully this is a good place for that. I haven't had a LJ for like 2 years, so none of my friends update any more. I'm not too into the idea of using myspace blogs cause I don't really want them on my profile, or everyone I know reading them, so I came here. Plus it's summer, I'm bored and need something else to do.

This is my first post so I guess I'll just introduce myself.. my name is Amanda. I'm a junior in high school. Shit, which reminds me, school starts again in 18 days =( Uh, I love music. I play the guitar. I'm a vegetarian. I'm obsessed with Bright Eyes and I also really like ska music. Ummm, yeah.

I'll just leave you with that for now.



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