yakintonls (yakintonls) wrote in _everything_,

please help with research study in psychology

Hi everybody,

Please help me...I am searching for participants for a research study I am conducting as part of my dissertation. My study focuses on one's relationship with one's parents and how it impacts one's sexual behavior. Participation in the study entails filling out 3 short questionnaires (takes approximately 10-15 minutes). Participation is voluntary and anonymous. I am searching for participants who

*are female students between the ages of 18 and 23
*come from intact families
*define themselves as primarily heterosexual

In order to complete the questionnaires please go to the link below:

I will be so thankful if you fill out my questionnaires. Please feel free to email me with any questions and/or if you would like me to send you the results of my study at yakinton@gmail.com

Thanks so much in advance,

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