Charlie and Liam

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Welcome to _eversolost. This is a closed community created by anewlife and arwen1682, which means, we only get to post but you may comment as many times as you like. You can friend the community or join it! Whatever thrills ya.

The series is about the very complicated relationship between Liam and Charlie Pace, which means PACEST. We will not accept flame or any other crap, so if you don't like this, piss off. We're having fun.

This is a WIP, we have no idea where this is going. The community is rated NC-17.

The characters will be played the following way:

anewlife writes Charlie Pace.
arwen1682 writes Liam Pace.

We will try and update as soon as possible so we don't have an estimate on updates, but please do come by and check!

Now, let's get rocked!