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Drabble: At The Beginning

I’ve seen you before now, you know. Yes, I’ve been watching you.

Oh don’t look so shocked. Such an innocent face He’s given you. The surprise makes those blue eyes bright. It almost makes you look intelligent, my love.

Are you intelligent? Of course you’re not. It would be so foolish of Him to make you as intelligent as me. He makes mistakes- yes, he does- but He does seem to learn from them. Look at you! You’re a pristine creation! Do they even allow you to get dirty? Do you climb the trees to the very top to look out over the Garden like I used to do? Do you run with the wolf pack until the air burns your lungs and your feet bleed raw like I used to do? No. Of course not. You have no desire to do such things. No desire to be like me.

Why I’m in your beautiful perfect Garden? (You ask it with such an innocent stammer.) Well, this was my Garden long before it was yours, little girl. I belonged to this place more surely than you ever will. I was this place. Unlike your fool of a husband who thinks he conquers the Garden, I know better. No one controls the Garden. She is as free and untamed as I am. It’s just hidden under her skin.

You ask my name? Why? Why do you bother? You know who I am already. You’ve known it since the moment you saw me. Because you and I are joined in a way. No, not like the way you’re joined to your husband. It’s different.

And you could be like me. You know you want to. I can see the longing in your eyes. You can climb with me. You can run with him. I’m stronger than Him, you see. Made from the dirt like your husband. Made from the very earth of creation and unstoppable. A dangerous creature they discovered: a woman who did not submit when told to. I am made of the same earth. And you; Pulled from his rib.

Oh, my sister. Come with me. Be free! Forsake the Garden as your God has forsaken me.

Here. Take it. It’s fruit, it doesn’t bite.

Yes, Eve, it is forbidden. And I promise you’ve never tasted anything as sweet.