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Evanescence Community

am I too lost to be saved?

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
About _evanescence_x :
Just a little community about evanescence! All members have posting access, and you may post: news, stories, icons, pictures, or just about anything evanescence-related. We try to talk about ANYTHING Evanescence related, including "taboo" things such as the song "You" and Ben's leave. If you have a problem with that, then this is not the community for you. We will respect all opinions, even if they are disagreeing, but we will NOT tolerate rude behavior.

Moderated by
imaginrygoddess & icant_win

Layout by

  • Don't be h8n
  • Drama is unwelcome
  • Refer to FAQ before asking questions
  • Pimp your communities elsewhere
  • Keep spoilers (awards shows and stuff) behind a cut
  • Make entries Ev related ONLY
  • Credit anything you take
  • Put anything long, with big pictures, or any surveys, behind a cut
  • Speak English properly
  • We don't take requests
  • We can delete your entry, warn you, or ban you after you break a rule
  • Please refrain from typing in all caps, bold, size 328957923857, and red. We don't have vision problems; you may write in default font.
  • NO ONE CARES if you got a new journal, you're leaving lj for myspace, you're leaving the community, or you got a new pair of shoes. EVANESCENCE-RELATED ONLY. WE'RE NOT HERE TO TALK ABOUT YOU.

    If you're interested, please join! If you'd like, fill out this survey to introduce yourself! Please put the survey behind an LJ cut. Also, check out our claims list, and maybe claim something, or learn about our referrals program!

    Give us a link in your profile? We'd love ya!


    If you'd like to be an affiliate, or if you have any suggestions/comments/complaints, please send an email my way

    Enjoy! ♥