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eurodance beats

get on the floor, MOVE that body!

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Do you enjoy cheesy eurodance music? Do like dancing to the really energetic and upbeat sounds of 90s dance music? Then you've come to the right place!

This community emphasizes more or less on classic eurodance, but we encourage discussion about other subgenres of eurodance and electronica as well.

For the intelligence-impaired: what is eurodance?

To briefly give you an idea, most classic eurodance music contains..
. female vocals
. awesome melodies
. a male rapper
. strong bass rhythms
. BPM ranges from 95 to 150 beats per minute
. creative synth sounds
. catchy lyrics
. & lots of upbeat energy that inevitably gets you dancing

Want to know more? Here you'll find all the information you want on eurodance music: [click]

Please feel free to check out my other community techno_artists, and if you have any suggestions for this community, please let me know.

Your loving creator/maintainer/mod;