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This is a community for Eurasians worldwide. This is not a rating community.

Basic Info:

- Eurasians are those from Eurasia and (includes) those who are part European and Asian. Technically Eurasians are from Eurasia but used as an adjective, it can be used to describe people of European and Asian descent.

- Amerasians are Eurasian but Eurasians are not necessarily Amerasian. That is, Amerasians is a subset of Eurasians. In this community, there is no stigma attached to the word "Amerasian."

- Hapas (and I use the letter "S" reluctantly since there is no "S" in the Hawaiian language) can be Eurasian but Eurasians aren't necessarily hapa (that is, part Hawaiian and part white.)

In your introductory post, please state your name, age, and ethnicities so that we can add you to our member list. Thanks.


  1. If your pictures are large or you are posting alot of pictures, type in the beginning of your entry.
  2. We welcome pictures of yourself.
  3. Please do not post nude pictures of the pornography sort. If they are artistic, then it might be permissible. If you are not sure, please ask a moderator.
  4. Advertising of other communities is allowed but please don't flood us with these ads. You may only post about your community once (everyone hates spam).
  5. If you don't like Eurasians or are against "race mixing", then please don't join.
  6. Racism will not be tolerated.
  7. Do not harass other members.
  8. Do not violate the LJTOS.
  9. Do not post pictures of other people claiming that they are you.
  10. Tell your friends about _eurasian. Post an entry in your journal if you'd like. We welcome new members!

Violators of these rules will be banned.

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