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Eternal Dreams

Jain and Reverence's Haven

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Welcome to Eternal Dreams. The rules for the community are listed below. If you wish to join, then you MUST read them.

1. No AOL talk. You must be able to use puncuation and must be a decent speller. Otherwise nobody can understand you.

2. You MUST know who Reverence and Jain are. They're the main couple in the RPG.

3. You must have a basic idea of what the story is about. If the story is short, then I'm guessing it wouldn't hurt to read all of it. If the story is long, then you can just skim through it.

4. You must be able to RPG. We will test to see if you can before you join.

5. No powerplaying. Your characters aren't God.

6. Really bad cussing will not be allowed. If your character cusses, then please censor it. NO USING THE G D WORD. If you aren't sure of what that word is, then e-mail one of the maintainers and we'll tell you.

7. Use OOCs sparingly. They're alright for once in a while, like for urgent things and for group talks. A lot of the time OOCs are used just to play around and sometimes have mini RPGs in them. But too many OOCs get annoying and clog the RPG up.

8. If you want to join, other players must be able to tolerate you and you must be able to tolerate them. If somethings wrong, then we can help you out with it in another post.

9. You must like Sonic characters. Reason being, most of the characters in the RPG will be Sonic ones.

10. You must know how to lj-cut. (If you aren't sure how to lj-cut, more information on how to do it is here --> http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75)

If these rules are constantly being disobeyed, then you will be kicked out. If you've forgotten about a few rules, someone will remind you about it. No, you will not be kicked out if you've forgotten. We're all forgetful sometimes. Also, if you wish to join, an e-mail will be sent to one of the maintainers of the community stating that you wish to do so. Before you can join you must RPG a little with current members of the community, so that we all know if you're good at it and if we want you in or not. If you make it, then we will let you in. If you don't, then we will tell you to practice some more and come back later. When we say to come back later, we mean it. We aren't saying you can't ever join. Afterall, practice makes perfect... or makes you better at things at least. ^^