GOPCGR does not approve.


Look! I have piccies! ^^ They're rough and stuff, but I put them up because 1) I'm hoping you'll get on so I'm dawdling by the compy 2) I think you'd like to see them and 3) I want you to see them. "^_^"

I drew this way back in JapanCollapse )

Baby.Collapse )

It's bad. It's unfinished. But it has Jain and kid in itCollapse )
The next one has nothing to do with Jain, Rev or Baby, but who cares XD
Something completely differentCollapse )

Also, I've been messing around with customization and stuff, and I could do things like make links glow on this page and stuff. "^^" Yes no?
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GOPCGR does not approve.

MY OTP!!!!!!!one!

OTP is One True Pairing, btw ^^;; Couldn't think of a good title XD

Anyways, I've gots questions.

1. What do you think, Dark Chan, about them having a biological child? I was thinking it might be okay with me if Jain and stuff ^^;; But I also like the idea of adoption. What do you think?

2. How're we gonna start the RPG? :p

3. What does the kid look like?

4. Are there multiple kids?

5. Jain: WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR TO THE WEDDING?!?!?!?!?! O O;;;;;

Merrie: Jain, a wedding dress, silly! ^^;;

Jain: But what kind?! What...what...what...*is led away, looking dazed, by Merrie*

And now, something completely different ^^

Anyways, whilst in Japan, I acquired myself a Yuki Kajiura CD. I then proceded to listen to it and found what seems to be a very good theme song for Jain and Reverence. It's called 'Winter' and is very slow and calm sounding. A female voice is singing it, maybe a little like Jain's...XD Or maybe I'm stretching it ^^;;

We're in the middle of the winter
and walking hand in hand
long time no see but now you're here with me
to bless this icy land

if the night is dark and cold
I will warm you with my kiss
let me hold you in my arms again
and vow to stay with me
through the snow


I was always sad and cold
all alone before we met
now you've taught me how
to find the light
even in darkness
of winter

we are wanderin' hand in hand
up and over
the hills of snow
we'll keep on wanderin'
through winter

Yes no? =3
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Credit to soodacrazy


Hello and welcome to Eternal Dreams! ^.^ My name is Dark Chan and one of my friends, Riven Chan, also owns this community. ^_^

I'm guessing we're going to have to get a few things cleared up about this RPG I'm starting before we can actually start it. ^^;; So... no RPG for you... yet. XP~

And we'll also have to go over the avatars, the customization, the rules, etc.

Please keep in mind that if you wish to join, an e-mail will be sent to either me or Riven telling us that you have requested to join.