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Eternal Beauty

real beauty never dies
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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
This community welcomes everyone. Keep in mind, it is a rating site, and you will be judged based on not only looks, but your survey. Some will be nice, some will be blunt. If you are too sensitive, I suggest you not join. We encourage strong opinions, honesty and orginality. For the most part, just have fun. Meet new people and enjoy yourselves!

01. Believe it or not, MODS are always right. We have the power to do whatever we want, because we can. Starting a fight with anyone of us equals auto-banishment.

02.  ALL applications must be behind and LJ-CUT. Don't know how? Got to the FAQ section and find out.

03.  You must bold or italize the questions so it's easier to read. You will be better off just copying and pasting the survey exactly how it is.

04.  You must fill out the ENTIRE application. Nothing I can't stand more than unanswered questions.

05.  If you are new, you must write "kill me quickly" in the subject line. It will get and automatic-no if it's not.

06.  Any shit talking to accepted members will also get you banned. If you are already accepted and talking shit to another member, you will be warned. If you do it again, you will be banned.

07. If you are in the process of being accepted or rejected, you can ONLY comment on your post. You may NOT comment on any other post.

Zodiac Sign:
Screen name(s):
Do you do drugs/alcohol/cigarettes:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Books:
What are some of your hobbies:
Random likes:
Random dislikes:
Favorite/Least Favorite feature:
Favorite artical of  clothing:
Personal views on the following:
Homosexuality/Gay marriages:
Eating Disorders:
Straight Edge (sXe):
The Government:
How did you hear about this community:
Why should you be accepted:
Must promote this community to atleast 2 people:
Must post atleast 3 clear pictures of yourself:

Your beautiful mods

aintluvgrand - Hail

AIM: PnkGrlRockNOutorXLipGlossnBlack

krylon_kween - Carissa

AIM: Get Low With Shy

_filthyhands - Tyler (boyfriend)

AIM: XFilthyHands216X

bloodiednbeaten - Jess

AIM: WickedJess91

bloodshot_eyess - Candy

mud·sling·er n. : One who makes malicious critiques and otherwise attempts to discredit an opponent.

Our very own mud-slinger. Candy is our most critical member. One of my great friends, but she can be a cunt, and loves doing so. You should feel honored to get a yes from her, which makes her vote count as two. Good luck with her!</p>

01. Once you are accepted, you must place your accpeted stamp in your user info. Don't know how? Look in the FAQ or ask someone.

02. Once you are a member, your job is to vote on new applications and participate in theme weeks. If you can not particapate for some reason, please post a hiatus notice, or something to let us know.

03. If you do not vote or participate in weekly activites for awhile, you will be taken off the member list.

04. We expect the members to be honest when voting. If we feel something that has been said by a member is unacceptable, we will warn you.

05. Promotion of this community is encouraged. Promoting any chance you get will be appricated. There are promotion banners that will be available.

06. Promtion of other communities is allowed as long as you get permission from one of the mods. No exceptions.

07. Once you're a member, you must write "ETERNAL" in the subject like. After that word, whatever you want.

08. Last but certainly not least. HAVE FUN!!

aintluvgrand krylon_kween _filthyhands bloodshot_eyess bloodiednbeaten afireinside3ladyjacquelinehuggable_jhorsley3_humilitygetlostinmyeyesunopend_letter_crack_the_skyfallenobliviouswhoriizh_run_fall_getupshe_just_laughsboyunderwearyippskeevirgin_in_plaidnoangylx_candyslut_xpochiegrl86seemerise_againanaandstephanie__this_preludelustfulpinkknifefight___kase_eselthisisasetupdeucelooselyemokid2omgniceshoesm0_zer0stupidmelody

Weekly Activities:Each activity lasts 1 week. All members must participate.

Theme Weeks: A MOD will post the theme of the week. All members must post a picture(s) that goes with the theme when Announced. (ex: Theme:crazy hair week - post a picture(s) of yourself with crazy hair, whether old or new.)

In your hands Week: A MOD will post a poll for that week. All members must vote on the polls. There will be one poll per week, so you will have plenty of time to comment.

A Torch To End All Torches Week: A MOD will post an entry saying "A Torch To End All Torches". All members must comment to that entry either anonymously, or not, with one name of the person you would like to see kicked out of the community. The person with the most votes will be kicked out. That person can then try to get back in after 3 days.

In Years To Come Week: A MOD will most an entry saying "In Years To Come". All memebers must post what they think the world will be like in years to come. Whether it be something you WISH it would be like, or actually think it will be like.

To Awake And Avenge The Dead Week: A MOD will post an entry saying "To Awake and Avenge The Dead". All members must post musicians from the past that you'd love to see come back.

Round Here Week: A MOD will post an entry saying "Round Here". All members must comment with some suggestions to make the community better. Any suggestions are welcome.

Identity Crisis Week: A MOD will post an entry saying "Identity Crisis". In the entry we will post on or more pictures of body parts of famous people. All memebers much take a guess at who the person is.

Kill Me Quickly Week: A MOD will post an entry saying "Kill Me Quickly". We will then post two pictures of famous people. All memebers must comment and choose one of the pictured people they'd like to be killed, and how.

Promotion Banners

Kate Hudson

Angelina Jolie



Special thanks to..
kissmyfists - for the icon<3
christyxjane - for the amazing layout<33