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Error Designs

beautiful mistakes

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Howdy, an' welcome to _error. Here, a few of us show off our Graphics, Icons, Blends, Headers, and other random designs. And also, others can request LiveJournal graphics from us. And here's our rules. Follow them or else you'll be banned from the community.

1 You cannot take our work, and claim it as yours. For icons, you can credit us in the keywords. For any other graphics, credit in userinfo. It's that simple - you can also put our banner in your info as well. And we will check to see if you do credit from time to time. And you cannot take our personal icons. If you see one you like, comment in that persons post, and ask them for permission. If they let you, it's up to them.

2 If you are taking a graphic, just comment and let us know which you are taking. This way, we know which graphics go where. Also, please don't ask if you can take the graphics, just state which ones you want.

3 Do not direct link. Please host the image on your own uploader. Boomspeed, Tripod, and Geocities are three good and easy ones to use.

4 Only moderators are allowed to post graphics. Anyone who is a non-mod that posts any, they'll be deleted. We made it so that members could post requests. If you wanna be a moderator though, ask and show us a sample of your work, we might let you in. ♣5 Community advertisements and advertisements for games/contests MUST be e-mailed to a moderator for approval. No approval, no post. Non-approved posts will be deleted. E-mail approval requests to the e-mail address shown: heathen_angel6615@yahoo.com


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