March 9th, 2006


Under New Management!!

Okay. Hi, my name is Lia, and I make icons.
And Banners.
And Layouts.
And those nifty Stamp things for sorting communities and blog crews.

My icon journals are here:

I'm switching purple_pleasure over to archangel_jayne, so things may be kinda shifty for a while.

Most of the things I do (right NOW) are Buffy or Joss related, but I also do things from games, and anime, and movies.

If you have a request and I don't know the fandom, please have a picture ready for me, or you may not get the one you want.

Just a few notes:
If you have made a post before, and your imageserver's bandwidth expired or whatever the situation is, PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST. We really don't want to see a big gaping hole where your picture used to be.

My contact info:
AIM: zerothtoeternity

Also, please start using tags for your posts. Ex: if you're posting friends-only banners from a movie, and it's only one character, put f-o banners, the name of the movie and the name of the character in your tags.
Makes it easier to find.

For requests, put 'request' as a tag, and in the subject line, with what you're requesting.
That way, your request will be easier to find, and will get done faster.

For requests:
What you're looking for: (f-o banner, stamps, layout, whatever)
The username it's for:
And anything customized you'd like on it. Sayings, colors, whatever.
With 'request' and the fandom in the subect line. Thanks!