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The warm, hot, salty sweet fluid filled her mouth. Smiling, she clamped her hand down hard. She gripped his balls tightly. Thick, creamy spurts streamed in, oozing around her tongue. Her hand experienced every surge as she clasped his scrotum. She sucked hard. He groaned a muffled, stifled groan. His cum greased the shaft of his cock. She savored his flavor. She licked. She sucked again. She wanted as much to come out as she could get.

Her mouth was so full. Full of cock. Full of cum. Full of saliva. Her head bobbed. Up and down. Up and down. She had to grip her lips tightly. She wanted it all. She didn't want it to slaver out. She didn't want to waste it. He sighed, the air escaping through his nostrils. He was so sensitive, she knew. This was agony. But she would not be denied the savoring of her treat.

Finally she succumbed. She swallowed The mixture trickled down her throat. She pulled back. Her tongue circled his tip. He twitched, but he could not move much. The heavy leather straps bound him down tightly. He was soiled. His cock glistened with the mixture of fluids. She dove back down. Hard. Fast. She impaled her face on his shaft.

Again he tried to scream.

She worshiped his cock. Indulging in the remnant taste of his semen, she licked and sucked him. Her black latex gloved hands pushed his cock to either side of her face as she cleaned it. His breathing was labored. She kissed his scrotum. She bit at his balls. He tried to grunt through the ball gag, but couldn't. His body tensed. She bit harder. He whined. She smiled.

She looked back over his cock. It was increasingly flaccid. She picked at it with her lips and tongue. She consumed every last bit. Then, with no grace, she let it go. It flopped down against his bare thigh.

She stood up. She was well dressed. Nearly spotless in fact. White silk blouse. Tweed skirt. With a "snap" she ripped the elbow length gloves off her hands and dropped them beside him on the bed. She stared down at her captive. Hands and feet bound with leather. Naked except for the leather mask with the bright orange ball gag.

She straightened her skirt. She brushed the bed lint off her blouse. Turning, she strode over to the mirror above the chest of drawers and checker her hair and make-up. She was primped as if she was going out. High heels. Diamond earrings. Necklace.

"I can never put my lipstick on with you," she scolded, opening the tube and applying it to her lips. "You are always so messy,"

From the downstairs, the doorbell rang.

"That'll be Wanda," she sighed. "She's always early."

She spritzed her hair a couple of times. She then walked over to the TV.

"You were a good boy to finish so quickly," She pulled out a DVD and turned on the TV. "So you get to watch porn while you wait,"

The TV flared up and a screaming woman being fucked by two men came on the set. She muted the sound. She turned and walked back to him. She stood beside the bed, staring down at him.

"The first couple Bunco games shouldn't last more than a half hour. I'll pretend to need to use the restroom, and I'll be back...to extract more...so be ready" she turned and started to walk out of the room. "The evening may be long. I may have to use the restroom two, three, maybe four time. I expect you to be able to perform,"

He tried to groan again.

"Not a peep, my little pet,"

She paused, listening, but there was only silence. She smiled, opened the door and left the room.
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